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#4 Satin Finish

The #4 finish is often regarded as the industry standard for satin finishes. Its appearance is relatively smooth, characterized by a grain made up of short, parallel lines. The fine lines of this finish produce a surface that gives off a higher sheen than many other satin finishes, but with significantly reduced maintenance demands compared to mirror finishes. The #4 finish is a popular choice for many metals, but especially 304 stainless steel (and other varieties of polished stainless steel).

At Polished Metals, we provide superior quality across all satin finishes, including #4 finishes.

How Is the #4 Satin Finish Produced?

The #4 satin finish is similar to #3, except more refined looking and featuring a smoother appearance. After initial polishing, the final finish is achieved by polishing with a 120-180 grit abrasive belt. 

#4 Finish Use Cases

As the industry standard for satin finishes, the #4 finish sees wide use across a number of industries, and particularly industries that favor stainless steel for various use cases. Examples of industries and products that may use this finish include:

  • Elevators and Escalators for trim, railings, walls, and more.
  • Food and Beverage Industry for appliances, food prep countertops, food and liquid storage, and other areas where metal may come in contact with food and drink.
  • Industrial Metals for a wide variety of use cases subject to high safety and cleanliness standards, such as the pharmaceutical industry, manufacturing, brewing, and more.

The 4 satin finish is available on a wide variety of metals, including stainless steel, aluminum, and red metals such as brass.


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