At Polished Metals, our experienced team processes and finishes high-volume orders of metal plates across various industries. Our metal plates are available in a variety of sizes and metal types, including stainless steel, aluminum, commercial bronze, and more. Between our massive in-house metal finishing facility and our team’s unmatched experience and skill, you know you’re working with the best when you choose our team. 

Learn more about our metal plate offerings, including sizing information and more.

Metal Plate Sizes

Muntz / Naval Brass: Link to PDF
Brass: Link to PDF
Stainless Steel: Link to PDF
Aluminum: Link to PDF
Copper: Link to PDF
Commercial Bronze: Link to PDF


Industries Served

Metal plates share a set of use cases similar to sheets, but are much more common for building interiors and more structural functionalities due to the added thickness of these products. Our team has processed a number of orders for polished metal plates across many industries.


While sheet metal is typically more common, metal plates are also used in the architecture and design space. Our team at Polished Metals has worked with many notable architects including I.M. Pei, Skidmore, Owings, and more to produce metals for a variety of incredible structures.

Elevators & Escalators

Metal plates may be commonly seen in use across elevator and escalator projects. Plates may be used for elevator cab interiors, escalator classing, wall or floor panels, and more. At Polished Metals, polishing for elevator and escalator projects is one of our specialties.

Construction & Engineering

Our metal plates are also commonly used for construction and engineering projects, often for structural elements that may be both practical and aesthetic. Metal plates are frequently used for large commercial or industrial buildings, on bridges, and to strengthen foundations.

Available Finishes

Thanks to our extensive 50,000 square foot facility and the incredible skill of our team, we can finish metal plates to nearly any specifications. We offer superior mirror finishes for ornamental projects as well as practical yet beautiful satin finishes to reduce maintenance demands. 

Most finishes are available across all metal types and plate sizes, and for those with custom metal finishing needs, we can often match samples brought to our team.

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