Our team produces finished metal pipes for use across various industries. We primarily offer polished stainless steel and aluminum pipes in a variety of schedules, including 5, 10, 40, and 80. Businesses throughout the world trust Polished Metals for our precision, quality, and capacity to complete large-scale projects all within our metal polishing facility.

Learn more about our metal pipe offerings, including sizing, available metals, and more.

Available Sizes

Metal Min. Diameter Max. Diameter Schedules Mill Length
Stainless Steel 0.125 6.00 5, 10, 40, 80 20′
Aluminum 0.125 4.00 40, 80 16′-24′
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Industries Served

Pipes are among the most widely used metal products, serving both purely functional and sometimes ornamental purposes. Industries we commonly work with include the following.

Oil, Gas, & Chemicals

Those in the oil, gas, chemicals, and pharmaceutical industries must meet rigorous quality standards when it comes to piping. Both aluminum and stainless steel may be used, though polished stainless steel is the most common material for metal pipes in these spaces. Stainless is highly durable and available in a wide range of finishes and schedules to meet sizing requirements across these demanding industries.

Trucking, Automobiles, & Transportation

Both stainless steel and aluminum pipes may be used for various applications in the automotive industry. Whether for trucks, cars, or other vehicles, metal pipes are primarily needed for exhaust systems, but may also be needed for sway bars, frames, chassis, or other elements. 

Metal pipes polished using highly reflective or mirror finishes can serve dual purposes, blending form and function for visible components such as exhaust pipes on semi trucks.

Architecture & Design

As with the automotive industry, various metal pipes may be used for both practical and ornamental purposes within architectural projects. Pipes may be used for transportation of materials, including for plumbing; for safety elements, such as lightweight yet durable handrails; and for pure decoration, either as part of design elements or for intentionally exposed piping.

Available Finishes

Our extensive 50,000 square foot facility at Polished Metals enables our team to meet the unique demands of many different projects. This includes a wide variety of finishes available in house and on demand, and numerous metal products in stock at all times.

Our experienced metal polishing team can produce polished metal pipes in many finishes, from highly reflective mirror finishes to practical, scratch-resistant satin finishes of all varieties. Most of our finishes are available across all metal pipe products, and we can often match custom metal finishing samples brought to our team.

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