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We polish a variety of metal types and have extensive experience working with customers across several industries, including: Construction, Industrial, Storefronts/Fixtures, Trucking and Transportation, and Architectural polishing.

Metal Types

We maintain a large inventory of Stainless Steel, Muntz / Naval Brass, Architectural Bronze, Aluminum, Commercial Bronze, Brass, and Copper.

closeup of polished stainless steel

Stainless Steel

Products Available: Sheet Metal Flat Bars Plates Round Bars Pipes Extruded Shapes Channels Tubes Angles Square Bars

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closeup of polished aluminum, illustrating an example of aluminum finishes


Products Available: Extruded Shapes Tubes Pipes Channels Angles Square Bars Flat Bars Sheet Metal Plates Round Bars

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polished brass sheet metal


Products Available: Sheet Metal Flat Bars Square Bars Plates Round Bars Angles Channels Pipes Tubes Extruded Shapes

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