Versatile for common practical and decorative applications alike, metal channel products are used widely throughout the world across numerous industries and projects. At Polished Metals, we maintain a large supply of metal channels in various shapes and specifications, including common U and C channel varieties. 

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Available Sizes

Metal Min. Gauge Max. Gauge Min. Leg Max. Leg Mill Length
Architectural Bronze 0.062 0.250 0.375 2.50 12′ or 16′
Brass 0.062 0.250 0.375 2.50 12′ or 16′
Stainless Steel 0.125 0.250 0.500 4.00 20′-24′
Aluminum 0.125 0.620 0.500 5.00 16′
Copper Contact for Availability Contact for Availability Contact for Availability Contact for Availability Contact for Availability


Typical Metal Channel Products

Metal channels are typically sold as one of two common shapes: U channel or C channel. At Polished Metals, we stock both C channel and U channel metal products across a variety of metal types, including:

  • Stainless Steel Channel – Stainless steel boasts incredible tensile strength, and both C and U channels in this metal type are often used for structural purposes. This might include supports, frames, and covers for critical building components.
  • Aluminum Channel – Lightweight and malleable, aluminum makes an ideal metal for C channel and U channel products of various specifications. Aluminum is ideal as a decorative metal, but despite its light weight, it also has the strength to serve more functional purposes as well.
  • Brass Channel – Brass channel (both U and C varieties) may be used for a variety of purposes. Brass is strong enough to provide structural support, highly conductive (making it ideal for electrical and plumbing applications), and provides a unique gold appearance that makes it perfect for interior design applications.

Industries Served

While the shape may seem specialized, metal channel products are widely used by many industries worldwide. Our typical clients include those in architecture and design, but metal channels are also frequently used in artwork, construction, and even the electrical and plumbing industries.

Architecture & Construction

Channels are ideal for adding structural support in various ways, which makes them a common staple for architectural and construction projects. Metal channels may be used to reinforce poles, beams, and concrete columns, or to form the framework for doors and windows. Both visible and hidden, metal channels serve a variety of purposes in these industries.

Elevators & Escalators

Elevators and escalators are the perfect application to blend both the form and function of metal channels. We’ve provided high volumes of metal C and U channels, as well as custom channel products for use in this industry.

Metal channels may be used for safety rails, sheathing, framework in elevator cabs, or for decorative purposes, to name just a few.

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