Square Bars

Highly versatile, square bars see many uses both structural and ornamental. At Polished Metals, our highly experienced team is a leading producer of finished square metal bar products, offering many satin and mirror finishes across a broad selection of metals. Between our supreme attention to detail, decades of experience, and 50,000 square foot metal finishing facility, we’re the go to square metal bar supplier for projects both large and small.

See below for our flat bar sizing options across various metal types.

Square Bar Sizes

Metal Minimum Maximum Mill Length
Architectural Bronze 0.250 2.50 12′ or 16′
Brass 0.250 2.50 12′ or 16′
Stainless Steel 0.125 4.00 12′
Aluminum 0.250 6.00 12′ or 16′
Copper Contact for Availability Contact for Availability Contact for Availability


Industries Served

Square bars see wide use across many industries, as the shape and strength of these products make them highly versatile and useful. At Polished Metals, we produce square metal bar products that feature prominently in projects within many industries, including:

Architecture and Design

The architecture and design industry commonly uses square bars across numerous projects and applications. Square bars may be used for detailing, for supports and braces within structures, or for various functional components. For example, square bars are often used for fencing and railings, both interior and exterior.

Elevators and Escalators

Within the interior design space, many metal bars are used in elevator and escalator projects, both as detailing, trim, and for other components. Square bars may be used for railings, supports, or the main framework of elevator cabs, while for escalators these products may be used primarily for functional purposes.

Trucking, Transportation, and Automobiles

Metal square bar products may be used for various automobile and truck components. Square bars may be used for vehicle frames, drive shafts, and in various structural aspects of both cars and trucks. 

Available Metals

At Polished Metals, we maintain a square bar inventory covering several key metal types, including stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and architectural bronze.

  • Stainless Steel – As possibly the strongest metal in common use today, polished stainless steel is well suited for square bar applications, particularly for projects where square bars are used for support and framing. Stainless steel square bars may be used to brace various support elements or as main supports, depending on load demands.
  • Aluminum Square Bar – While it is lightweight and malleable, aluminum maintains impressive tensile strength, making it an ideal metal for both structural and decorative square bar applications. Aluminum square bars are especially common in projects where the overall weight of a metal structure is critical.
  • Architectural Bronze – The distinctive appearance of 385 brass (colloquially called architectural bronze) makes it ideal for many architecture and design applications. Square bars in this metal may be used for trim and other detailing, as well as safety features such as railings.
  • Brass Square Bar – Brass is often used for outward-facing metal components due to its distinctive color, and square brass bars are no exception. Square brass bars may be used as railings, for trim, and for other decorative purposes. However, brass bars may also be used in projects where the heat and electrical conductivity of this material is needed.

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At Polished Metals, our team has worked tirelessly to be the industry’s best in metal polishing and finishing. With an expansive square metal bar inventory covering stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and more, we’re well equipped to handle the largest metal finishing projects while ensuring consistent craftsmanship and quality.

Our team has decades of experience in professional metal finishing, and we’re a trusted name around the globe across many varied industries. Whether you’d like to order from our listed stock sizes and finishes or if you have questions about custom metal finishing, reach out to our team today.