Polished Metals is a global leader in the metal finishing industry. We work with a broad selection of metal tube products, including square, round, and rectangular metal tubes across a variety of metals.

With decades of metal polishing experience, a commitment to superior craftsmanship, and a fully equipped in-house facility, Polished Metals delivers unmatched quality and precision across orders both large and small. See below for sizing options on tubes in our inventory across several metal types.

Metal Tube Sizes

Metal Shape Min. Gauge Max. Gauge Min. Diameter Max. Diameter Mill Length
Architectural Bronze & Brass Round 0.020 0.250 0.250 6.50 12′ or 16′
Architectural Bronze & Brass Square 0.032 0.125 0.250 2.50  12′ or 16′
Architectural Bronze & Brass Rectangle 0.032 0.125 0.375 4.00  12′ or 16′
Stainless Steel Round 22 GA 0.250 0.125 6.00 20′
Stainless Steel Square 18 GA 0.375 1.00 8.00 20′
Stainless Steel Rectangle 11 GA 0.375 1.00 x 1.50 4.00 x 8.00 20′
Aluminum Round 0.035 0.750 0.250 8.00 16′-24′
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Industries Served

Metal tubing is most commonly used for structural supports and similar functional purposes, as these products blend strength with lighter weight due to their hollow nature. At Polished Metals, we produce metal tubes that feature prominently in projects across many industries, including:

Automotive & Machinery

Automobiles must be both strong enough to withstand impacts and light enough to maintain fuel efficiency. Metal tubing—particularly aluminum and steel—is almost universally an element used in automobile frames and for other components. Similarly, tubing is often used in the construction of heavy machinery.

Construction & Architecture

Metal tubing is often an essential structural element used in various construction and architectural applications, forming key supports for these structures. Tubing may also be used for exterior and decorative elements such as railings, trim, entryways, and more. 

Interior Design

Within the interior design space, metal tubing may be used for detailing, trim, and other ornamental purposes. Tubing is sometimes used for safety railings along stairways and inside of elevator cabs as well.

Metal Tube Types

Unlike pipes, which must be round, metal tubing is available in a variety of shapes, including square, round, and rectangular metal tubes. At Polished Metals, we maintain a sizeable inventory across several types, including:

  • Square Metal Tubing – Square metal tubes are found in many industries, often used for structural purposes where the overall weight is a crucial element. Hollow tubes can help to cut down on a structure’s weight while maintaining structural integrity. 
  • Rectangular Metal Tubing – Similar to square tubes, rectangular tubes may be used for functional or for decorative elements across various projects. They may form the base or supports for various structures or be used as ornamental trim when polished to a high reflectivity.
  • Round Metal Tubing – Unlike pipes, which are made to transport materials, round metal tubes are primarily used as supports. This means the diameters have less stringent requirements than might otherwise be seen for pipes, which must be manufactured to particular flow specifications.

Popular Metals

Because metal tubing is so often used for supports and framework, strength is paramount. However, corrosion resistance and even aesthetic qualities may be considered as well. At Polished Metals, we produce finished tubing in the following metal types:

  • Architectural BronzeArchitectural bronze (or 385 brass) is ideal for many architecture and design applications due to its blend of strength and attractive appearance. Tubing in architectural bronze is typically used for decoration and ornamentation, but this metal is still strong enough to be used for structural supports.
  • Stainless Steel – Reliable, widely available, and incredibly strong, finished stainless steel is highly popular for square, round, and rectangular metal tubing. Stainless steel tubing may be used for frames or metal supports.  
  • Aluminum – Aluminum is lightweight yet strong, making it ideal for the typical use cases of metal tubing. Aluminum tubing is especially common in the automotive industry but may also be seen in construction and architectural projects as well. 

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