Sheet Metal

Polished Metals is the top metal finishing company for high-quality sheet metal products. Our team works with a wide range of sheet metal types, including stainless steel, aluminum, commercial bronze, and more. With decades of experience and a 50,000 square foot metal polishing facility, our team is able complete high-volume orders with superior attention to detail and skill.

See below for our sheet metal sizing options across various metal types.

Sizing for Sheet Metal Products

Muntz / Naval Brass: Link to PDF
Brass: Link to PDF
Stainless Steel: Link to PDF
Aluminum: Link to PDF
Copper: Link to PDF
Commercial Bronze: Link to PDF


Industries Served

Our sheet metal products are used across a wide range of industries. Completed projects range from large to small, and our efficient team is often able to meet short timelines and tighter than usual deadlines when needed.


Polished Metals is a true leader in the architecture and design space, as our finished architectural sheet metal products have been used on all manner of buildings—from small structures to towering skyscrapers.


With metal types including Muntz and naval brass, our team has polished metal products for use across many maritime, naval, and coastal projects. We’re able to work with a wide range of corrosion-resistant materials well suited to harsh environments.

Automotive & Aircraft Manufacturing

On the ground or in the air, vehicles require high-quality sheet metal and metal plates to add durability and ensure airflow efficiency. In particular, our team has provided many products within the aerospace manufacturing industry, which is subject to precise requirements across all components.

Available Finishes

No matter the finish you need, our team will be able to deliver. From highly reflective mirror-shine products to practical and durable satin finishes, we can provide the precise surface you need for your project. 

Most finishes are available across all metal types, and our large facility also has the capacity for custom metal finishing needs. Typically, we can even match samples brought to our team for large-scale projects.

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Polished Metals is known throughout the world for our best-in-class metal finishing services. We have an expansive inventory of sheet metal across all metal types, including stainless steel, aluminum, and more. Our quality and consistency is second to none, and we pride ourselves on our in-house metal finishing capabilities.

With decades of experience and a highly skilled and passionate team, Polished Metals is here for you! Whether you’d like to order from our listed stock sizes and finishes or if you have questions about custom metal finishing, reach out to our team today.