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#3 Satin Finish

Alongside the #4 finish, the #3 finish is regarded as an industry standard for satin finish options in the metal polishing space, especially for stainless steel. A highly functional and practical satin finish, the #3 finish has a wide range of uses across many industries, particularly where ease of cleaning, upkeep, and durability are paramount.

At Polished Metals, our team polishes a variety of metals in the #3 satin finish including stainless steel, brass, bronze, and more. Request a quote from our team today.

What Is a #3 Satin Finish?

A #3 satin finish is achieved by polishing the metal type on a wide belt machine using coated abrasive belts. Traditionally, this results in a coarser appearance as the final polishing is done with a 100-120 grit abrasive belt. The #3 finish is most often applied to stainless steel, and especially 304 stainless steel for use across a wide range of industries.

#3 Finish Use Cases

An industry staple for satin finishes, the #3 finish is used across many industries throughout the world. Stainless steel in 3 finish is especially common, and this versatile metal may be seen in projects throughout the following industries:

  • Elevators and Escalators for trim, railings, walls, and more.
  • Food and Beverage Industry for areas of metal that may come in contact with food and drink, such as food prep countertops; as well as appliances and food and beverage storage.
  • Industrial Metals for a wide variety of use cases subject to high safety and cleanliness standards, such as the pharmaceutical industry, manufacturing, brewing, and more.

While it is most commonly applied to stainless steel varieties, the 3 finish may also be used with aluminum, Muntz metal/naval brass, bronze, and brass.


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