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Looking for semi truck polishing “near me”? Polished Metals supplies millions of pounds per year in finished Stainless Steel and Aluminum metals specifically for semi truck parts used in the trucking and transportation industry.

semi truck parts polishing near me

Semi Truck Polishing Near Me

Polished Metals offers premier polishing services for high volumes of semi truck parts. The most common semi truck parts that we outfit include:

  • Class 8 Semi Trucks
    Bumpers, fender guards, exhaust stacks, internal trim, bulkheads, battery covers, smokestacks, fuselage, grill, hub caps, mirrors, trim, panels, rocker panels, toolboxes, sun visors, vent covers and accessories, etc.
  • Truck Trailers and Horse Trailers
    Trim, outside panels, etc.

Due to our depth of experience within this particular market, our team anticipates the various needs unique to this industry. In order to respond to short lead times with ease and accommodate shipping needs, we maintain close relationships with metal service centers, and we’re the first choice of our partners for semi truck polishing “near me.”

In addition, we often make product recommendations regarding the durability or anti-corrosion properties of specific metals, as well as the use of a product such as Tanker Brite to clean aluminum and stainless steel tank trucks and portable tanks.

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If you’re in search of high-quality semi truck polishing “near me,” Polished Metals is the top choice of numerous companies in the trucking and transportation industry. We finish a wide variety of stainless steel and aluminum truck parts to precise specifications and are able to handle high volumes of semi truck parts. Contact us to learn more or to inquire about custom finishing options.


“Polished Metals is a quality supplier with many combined years of experience from sales staff to machine operators they have great knowledge of aluminum and stainless and understand the quality that is expected of mirror finish parts. Bobby Gunther responds to my quotes quickly and he is always honest about lead times and delivery and if any delays are expected I am told up front with no surprises! The fine professionals in the plant know and adhere to our quality standards and make sure only first quality product is delivered to us on well protected well packaged pallets. With advances in fabrication technology PVC requirements become more important and Polished Metals has always been able to meet our special requirements on standard and fiber laser pvc.”

Trucking and Transportation

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