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Custom Metal Finish

Don’t see the metal finish you’re looking for? Contact us! Between our expert team and direct access to the best in-house polishing and finishing equipment available, we are able to match virtually any finish that you supply with our custom metal finishing services. 

We suggest browsing our Project Gallery or Use Case examples to see our team’s capabilities. We look forward to working with you!

Custom Metal Finishing: Industries Served

Custom metal finishing is often required in products with specific demands. Often, this is due to a specific desired appearance, structural requirements, highly detailed projects where metal products must be carefully cut and customized to fit. At Polished Metals, our custom metal finishing services are frequently employed in a variety of industries. These are just a few examples out of many:

  • Artwork & Ornamentation – For many artists, there is only one way to achieve their ultimate vision for a project—and that means no other finish will do. In other cases, artists are called upon to repair and restore works of art or ornamentation, which requires supreme attention to detail to match existing appearances.
  • Architecture & Design – Similar to artwork, the architectural industry often utilizes decorative metal elements that can only be matched through custom finishing services. This could include interior or exterior detailing, depending on the scope of the project.
  • Trucking & Transportation – Those looking to enhance the appearance of trucks, cars, and other automobiles know the crucial importance of authentic metalwork. From exhaust detailing to restoring classic cars to their former glory, the right finish requires a skilled metal polishing company.

The Right Finish, Every Time

In reviewing the standard finishes provided throughout the metal industry, we understand that sometimes the best finish for a project is “none of the above.” If your project has unique demands and requirements that you’re struggling to meet with other metal finishing companies, Polished Metals can help!

We offer custom metal finishing, and thanks to our 50,000 square foot facility, plethora of equipment, and decades of experience, we can often match sample metal finishes provided to us. We pride ourselves on our in-depth industry knowledge, our strong reputation, our superior attention to detail, and our commitment to quality.

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