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#2B/Mill Finish

The #2B finish, also called a “mill finish,” is a low-shine finish commonly used for stainless steel, aluminum, and brass where the end use of the metal is not for aesthetic purposes. At Polished Metals, our 2B mill finishing capabilities extend to many different metal products, most often sheet metal, plates, and bars. Get a quote from our team today!

What Is 2B Mill Finish?

A #2B finish, also commonly referred to as a “mill finish,” describes the unpolished cold rolled material as it is obtained from the producing mill. It may sometimes exhibit a slight luster from the rolling process, but no reflectivity. This particular finish is most often used where stainless steel is specified but the finish (appearance) is unimportant. It is a low-maintenance finish that will last for many years with little required maintenance.

Available Products

Our mill finishing capabilities extend to many of our most popular product offerings. We commonly fulfill orders for 2B mill finish on sheet metal, plates, and various types of bars, including flat bars and round.

2B mill finish is most popular for stainless steel, most often in cases where stainless steel is required for the project but the ultimate appearance is less important. This finish may also be used on other popular metals such as aluminum, brass, Muntz, and commercial bronze.


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