Mirror Finishes

We offer the mirror finishes listed below across all metal types. To speak with the Polished Metals team about your project, request a quote.

#8 Mirror Finish

The #8 Mirror finish is considered the industry standard for a highly reflective, mirror appearance. This is achieved by directionally buffing with abrasive compounds in several stages, followed by buffing with a rouge compound. The surface produced is bright and highly reflective and is virtually free of grit lines, though at certain angles some are still visible. This particular finish is often applied to a variety of metal types for use in elevators and escalators.

#8 Super Mirror Finish (Non-Directional Mirror Finish)

The #8 Super Mirror Finish is a highly specialized finish produced by circular oscillating buffing, initially with abrasive compounds, followed by a rouge-like compound. The surface is completely free of grit lines, achieving the perfect mirror finish. This particular finish is most often applied to stainless steel for use in architecture and design projects.

#7 Prebuff Finish

A highly reflective finish produced by buffing a surface that has first been finely ground, but grit lines are not removed through the final buffing process. This particular finish is most often applied to 304 Stainless Steel for use across a wide range of industries.

Bright Annealed Finish

A bright annealed finish is produced by heat-treating (annealing) in a controlled atmosphere furnace. It has a bright, reflective appearance, but may have some cloudiness and other imperfections. This particular finish is most often applied to stainless steel and viewed as a lower cost alternative to buffed (#7 or #8) mirror finish.

#2B/Mill Finish

A #2B finish, also commonly referred to as a “mill finish” describes the unpolished cold rolled material as it is obtained from the producing mill. It may sometimes exhibit a slight luster from the rolling process, but no reflectivity. This particular finish is most often used where stainless steel is specified but the finish (appearance) is unimportant.

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