Announcing Our Metal Finishing Industry Blog

Here at Polished Metals, we’re the go-to metal finishing company for clients across dozens of industries. Our clients choose us for projects in architecture and design, elevators and escalators, transportation and automotive, pharmaceuticals, and much more. As a metal finishing industry leader, we have more than 40 years of experience and in-depth knowledge on everything to do with quality metal polishing. 

We’d like to share our expertise with our customers and clients—so today, we’re launching our new metal finishing blog, where we’ll cover the metal polishing industry from all angles. Here’s what you can look forward to!

Answering Questions on Metals, Finishes, and More

What makes stainless steel “stainless”? Do all copper alloys tarnish, and is this bad for the metal? What industries use satin finishes more often, and which prefer mirror finishes? What is LEED?

We get a wide variety of (excellent!) questions from our customers—far too many to list here. While some can be covered in more of an “FAQ” type format, other questions deserve the attention of a full-length blog post. Our hope is for our blog to become a resource for general knowledge on all things metal and metal finishing for readers in any industry.

Metal Finishing Info for Your Industry

We work with clients across a wide variety of industries, each with their own unique needs, challenges, and regulations to meet. From the aesthetic needs of architecture and design to the rigorous standards required for the storage of pharmaceuticals and foods, there’s a metal finish for every situation.
Over the many years that we’ve spent in the metal finishing industry, we’ve learned a thing or two about what metals, products, and finishes are ideally suited to different projects and products. We’re hoping to produce content that will answer some of your industry-specific questions to help you make more informed decisions for your project.

Insider Expertise in the Metal Finishing Industry 

While we won’t be reporting on every piece of news from the metal finishing industry—for that, we recommend Metal Center News—we’ll aim to cover major developments that may impact the experience of our customers. 

Over the last several years, we’ve seen many unprecedented events, from the pandemic to supply chain issues. These created unique situations that customers needed to be appraised of before their projects could be completed.

Our hope with our blog is to keep our customers informed about ongoing developments and to help them better understand our industry as a whole.

Here to Be Your Metal Finishing Industry Authority

Polished Metals is known throughout the world for our best-in-class metal polishing services. We’ve produced the best metal finishing quality in the industry for more than four decades thanks to our 50,000 square foot facility and the unflinching dedication of our team.

Throughout all the years that we’ve been in business, we’ve accumulated a great deal of metal polishing knowledge, skills, and industry expertise. This puts us in a unique position to help educate our customers and readers on all things polished metals. Be sure to look for our next post!

And if you have a metal finishing project for us, head over to our contact page to submit an inquiry. We’ll be in touch!