Elevators and Escalators

We have outfitted over one hundred thousand elevator cabs with polished metals over the years. This volume of projects has prepared our team to anticipate needs and accommodate accordingly.

elevator cabs

Our finished metals are used to create aftermarket and OEM parts such as:

  • Elevator Cabs, Doors, Entrances, Interiors, Exteriors, Handrails, Ceilings


  • Fixtures – call stations, elevator position indicator, push buttons, jambs, headers, and accessories

We maintain a large inventory of the metal types most often used in elevator and escalator projects, including stainless steel, brass bronze, muntz metal, copper, and aluminum. The most common finishes include long-grain, non-directional satin, and mirror. Our in-house facility with the best equipment available allows our team to consistently deliver a superior product, on-time. 


“I have been working with Polished Metals and Bobby Gunther for over 30 years. They are my preferred supplier for polished and specialty metals. My company (ISO-9001 certified) works with high end architects and consultants for some of the largest Class A projects in the US. I would not consider another supplier for these projects. They always have the best quality, lead-time, customer service and competitive pricing in their industry. Their reputation in the market is exceptional and you can count on them to stand behind their product. They stand out for their large inventory and availability of specialty metals in all types of finishes and gauges. This is extremely important for us when working with just in time inventory.”

Elevators and Escalators

“I work with few material vendors and Polished Metal’s customer service is by far the best. Bob Gunther answers all my emails on time, even on weekends. He always gives me accurate delivery times, which is very helpful on our work schedule. If there is something delaying the order he will let me know as soon as possible. If all my vendors had the same customer service, it would definitely make our job easier.”

Elevators and Escalators

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