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In sheet form Copper, or as it is sometimes referred to as Electrolytic Tough Pitch Copper, is a copper alloy composed of 99.6% copper and 0.4% oxygen. It has a reddish appearance from the high copper content. It's not very popular in the architectural community, save for occasional kitchen range hoods and exterior home decorative trim.

Copper as a long product; round, square and flat bars, are common in industrial applications, yet very seldom used in architecture.

Cleaning Copper

Dirt, grime, fingerprints, and slight traces of oxidation can be removed using a solution made up of 50% lacquer thinners and 50% water. Be sure to clean the panels only with the direction of the grain, never against the grain. You will need to use a lint free cloth for the cleaning, then rinse the panel using clean water, and wipe with a dry lint free cloth to dry.


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